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Divorce Mediation in New Jersey: In looking for a Divorce Mediator.

Divorce Mediation in New Jersey
By: Marina Ginzburg, Esq.

I. What should you expect from a Divorce Mediator in New Jersey?

1) Impartiality. People that are seeking the help of a divorce mediator need to know that the mediator does not take sides. We listen to both parties positions, their expectations and their needs and make recommendations in accordance to the facts presented.

2) Fair Dealing: I am mentioning fair dealing because acrimonious process of divorce can have a painful and traumatic emotional reaction that often time one party gives up just to make the matter go away. This knee jerk reaction causes that party to put themselves in such as disadvantageous position that they may no be able to go back.

By taking out the stress and the emotion of going to court the couple can reach a mutually acceptable agreement.   I mention the word acceptable because nobody is going to get 100% of what they want that is the reality.  The fact that the couple can work together and reaching something that they can both accept will lead to a more successful post marriage relationship in the future.

II. Why is Divorce Mediation Better

1) Mediation is Better for Families:  When I deal with couples that have children and want to do mediation what I often see is a resolve in them to get along. They are going to share the children forever. They are going to be always in each others lives as parents and grandparents.   By avoiding the divorce court and agree to work something between themselves they will have a better post divorce relation.

2) Cost: Divorce cost is  astronomical. The average divorce attorney charges 300- 400 per hour. Mediation is cost effective because all the negotiation is done between the parties. If you take the two attorneys out of the equation the parties save by not going back and forth between each other.

Thinking About Divorce Mediation in New Jersey? Talk to us. Get a free consultation about the process by mentioning our blog.  We are conveniently located in Hackensack New Jersey and can be reach at (201) 880-5563.


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