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Expanding your Business Outside the United States

Exporting plays a major role in the global trade. Business decide to export their products for many reason including but not limited to their expansion, saturation of the product in the United States, and the opportunities offered abroad for exponential growth. These days with new emerging markets in Asia and Latin America the ability for a company for growth outside of the United States is limitless. 

How to start the process of exporting a product.  Some companies have their own in-house export department other higher agents to they job for them. The goal is maximize profits. When considering exporting to another country one must considered the barriers imposed by the country such as tariff and non-tariff. A tariff is duty imposed on goods leaving the country. A Non-tariff barriers are restrictions such as quotas, taxes, and exchange rate controls.

It is important that before thinking in engaging in exporting to consult an specialist in this area. The navigation of import and export l…