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Living Will

Living Will
A Living Will is vital in bringing out your end of life decisions. If at any point you’re unable to  communicate your wishes or a doctor has diagnosed you as being incapable of doing so, a Living Will allows your family and physicians to make sure your own personal choices are being respected.
When to Use a Living Will: You want to stipulate your needs so that it is more probable they will be carried out.You are facing the prospect of operation or a hospitalization.You want to make a comprehensive estate plan.You have been diagnosed with a incurable illness.
The Difference Between a Living Will from a Power of Attorney:
A living will and a durable healthcare Power of Attorney allow you to choose someone you trust to make certain medical decisions on your behalf. You must be at least 18 to create either document or you must be of sound mind. That means no one is allowed to coerce you into making a living will or healthcare power of attorney.  The main difference between the …