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Advance Health Care Directives in New Jersey

It is the unthinkable but ever so possible. What happens when a person suffers from illness or injury that renders incapable of deciding his/hers medical treatment?   This is when an Advance Health Directive will give you the security that you need to know your wishes will be follow through. An Advance Health Directive is a legal document which provides information as to your treatment preferences. There are three kinds of advance directives:

1) Proxy directives: This is when the person gives legal authority to a person he/she trust to make medical decisions on his/her behalf.  This is also known as durable power of attorney for health care.

2) Instruction directives:  In this situation the person gives written directions that tell his loved ones what kid of treatment he or she wishes to accept or refuse. This is also known as a Living Will.

3) Combined directive:  the person selects a health care representative and provide him or her with a statement of your medical treatment prefere…

El Proceso de Bancarrota

La bancarrota o quiebra es el proceso en el cual la persona hace una aplicacion a la corte para que le perdonde sus deudas.  La mayoria de las personas que van a la quiebra ponen dos tipos de bancarrota Capitulo 7 o Capitulo 13.
Bancarrota Capitulo 7 (Chapter7) tambien llamado liquidacion es el proceso en que las personas eliminan todas sus deudas. Proveyendo que la persona califique el proceso de bancarrota capitulo 7 elimina todas sus deudas.  Esta usted requerido a tomar dos clases una de Consegeria de Credito que es antes de poner la aplicacion de bancarrota con la corte y el segundo de Manejo Financiero que es una vez que la bancarrota este puesta. Si sus bienes son mas alto de lo que esta permitido por la corte el administrado de la corte de bancarrota puede liquidar sus bienes.  En la gran mayoria de las bancarrotas Capitulo 7 el deudor no pierde sus bienes.

Bancarrota Capitulo 13 (Chapter 13) en este proceso de bancarrota el deudor usualmente tiene bienes con los que se quiere q…

Preparation before Buying a Home

Think of Investing in a Home? With historically low rates and rents constantly increasing it is a good idea if you are financially able.   Times have changed however, now you need to be prepared for the paperwork that is required.  From making sure that your credit score is high enough to get a good rate to lowering your debt.  Among the list of documentation that you should be prepared to provided are
1)W2, 1040 Last two years
2)6-8 weeks paystubs
3)Profit and Loss Documentation if your are Self Employed
5)Retirement Plans
6)Other Assets such Stocks, Bonds or other Real Estate
7)Child Support and Spousal Support (If Applicable)
8)Other types of Support
9)Bank Statements
As frustrating as the requirements to approve for a loan, buying a home can be a rewarding and sound investment.  It is important to make sure that you are conscious of what you can afford. You have to think of maintenance, taxes and updates. Most people do not buy a new home so the likelihood is that you will in…

Chapter 7 Document Preparation

Considering Bankruptcy? well then we need to prepare. We get calls all the time about what documents people need in order to file for bankruptcy. Some of the information we may need are:
1) Your credit reports 2) Bills 3) Six months pay stubs  4) Last three years of taxes 5) Car Finance or Lease papers 6) Deed 7) Mortgage Note 8) Appraisal or Market Analysis of your home. 
The list can go on and on depending of what you have and your finances. These we go over at the office in our official meeting.   We will also ask you to fill our application to get a better grasp of your situation. 
I often get asked why do debtors have to do this? The answer is simple. You are asking the court to forgive all your debts then you need to prove why you can't pay them. In this article I am not going to go on to income and means test calculations but you should keep in mind that there is income standards and if you are above then you have to the means test. 
Often times people get worry about the p…